In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Compassionate

Choose Your Own Registration Fee

ONE-time Payment – No Further Fees!

What Makes Pure Muslim Match so Different?

Our #1 priority is to please Allah by keeping the service 100% Halal.

We don't want a service that facilitates or promotes sin. May Allah protect us!

Registration Fee

To complete your Pure Muslim Match registration there is a one-time registration fee.

We want to keep Pure Muslim Match affordable for everyone, insha'Allah, so we have kept the registration fee low, and give life-time membership for a one-time contribution fee of £13.99.

If you are able to support Pure Muslim Match by paying more than this, please do so, insha'Allah.

NB: This the registration fee is a one-time fee that gets you lifetime membership, meaning there are no other fees to pay after this, no monthly membership fees, nor any other fees to use the service.

NB: If you are having difficulty with making a payment please email for assistance.