In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Compassionate

Choose Your Own Registration Fee

ONE-time Payment – No Further Fees!

What Makes Pure Muslim Match so different?

Our #1 priority is to please Allah by keeping the service 100% Halal.

We don't want a service that facilitates or promotes sin. May Allah protect us!

Registration Fee

To complete your Pure Muslim Match registration there is a one-time registration fee that is flexible, meaning you can select to pay whatever is affordable for you. 

The minimum amount accepted on the registration form is £12.50, or equivalent in other currencies.  This one-time fee gives you lifetime membership meaning there are no other fees to pay after this.

Those who are not financially able to pay anything can email us to request that they are given 100% free registration, insha'Allah.

Given that most members who join have degrees and careers (e.g, doctors, engineers, business owners, and other professionals etc.) we ask that you are reasonable when choosing the amount you want to pay for registration, as the money is going towards a very good (insha'Allah!).

Aside from the one-time registration fee there are no monthly subscriptions, nor any other fees to pay to use the service.

NB: If you are having difficulty with making a payment please email for assistance.